Creamery Internship

The Creamery Internship offers a learning experience in both animal husbandry and cheese making. In early February we begin lambing, milking, and making cheese. This is the busiest time of the year for us. The ewes give birth during this period, and the newborn lambs need to be brought in with their mothers into the lamb barn where they live for several days in a warm jug. They stay with their mothers for a month before weaning, and during that month we milk the mothers, too.

With the milk from the mothers, we make cheese for the upcoming spring markets. These include mostly aged cheeses such as manchego-type, blue, and bloomy white-rind cheeses like camembert.

We are looking for versatile candidates who can help in all three areas: animal husbandry, milking, and cheese making. Candidates should be physically able to carry water and feed buckets and new-born lambs, muck and prepare lamb jugs, and coax shy or reluctant ewes to move.

Candidates should be prepared both to work and move around outside in all types of weather (the farm operates every day regardless of the weather!) and in a hay-filled lambing barn, as well as indoors in a hygienic commercial kitchen.

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Alexander, our livestock guardian

Milking parlor

Cheese cave

Grazing by the sorting pens