Help Wanted

Assistant Cheese Maker

Part-time and full-time positions available


Learn to make artisanal cheese at our Pennsylvania farm.  At Raspberry Ridge, we make cheese and yogurt from the milk from our pastured sheep.  Every morning and evening we milk our flock and move them to a fresh pasture.  During the day, we make cheese and yogurt from our milk in our commercial creamery.

We practice natural and sustainable farming practices.  We take pride in our pastures and manage our manure to fertilize our pastures keeping them healthy and green.  We rotate the sheep onto fresh pasture twice a day to evenly graze and constantly provide new grass to the sheep. 

In the cheese kitchen we make cheeses that age for months or years as well as fresh cheeses.  We also make sheep milk yogurt, the “Original Greek yogurt.”  Check our website to see everything we make. 

We sell most of our product direct at farmers markets year-round.  We meet our customers and talk with them about our products.  Many of our customers are repeat customers who provide excellent and informative feedback about our cheese and yogurt.

Sheep milk is a healthy and delicious milk.  It has twice the fat, protein, vitamins and minerals as cow or goat milk.  It also has the sweetest taste of the three.  Grass fed sheep milk is easier to digest than other milks and has the “good” fats and omega 3’s and 6’s that the human body requires.  Cheese and yogurt made from sheep milk are an excellent source of nutrition.


  • Ability to lift 30-pound wheel of cheese
  • Driver’s license
  • Desire to learn about cheeses

You can even invent your own cheeses!

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