Say Hello to 2024 Lambs!


Nestled on 65 acres back from the road, surrounded by a sea of green orchard grass grown for our sheep to eat, with view of the Delaware Water Gap and surrounding mountains and hills,  the Creamery is part of Raspberry Ridge Sheep Farm. We have raised sheep on the farm since 1995 and began producing cheese from their milk in 2017. 

Each Spring and Summer day we milk our sheep and make cheese and yogurt in the creamery. The cheeses age in our cave where they develop their full flavor. The lambs are born around Valentines day and live with their mothers. We have two flocks of sheep, one for the dairy and one for the sheep dog training center.

Our dairy products are made from 100% sheep’s milk.  The sheep eat pasture in the summer months, and in the winter they eat hay and a mixture of alfalfa, oats and barley.  We believe a pasture diet leads to healthier animals and better cheese.  Although we’re not organically certified, we don’t use pesticides and rely on natural practices to maintain our pastures and flock.

Sheep dogs live with us and help with the daily tasks of managing the sheep.  We have border collies and German shepherd dogs.  Our livestock are protected by Alexander, our camel.

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