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Brebis Blanche is a soft and spreadable sheep milk cheese.  Similar to a chevre cheese but with a sweeter taste from the sheep milk, this cheese is goes nicely on your favorite bread, cracker or soup.  We have three varieties of Brebis Blanche:                                                          FLAVORS AVAILABLE NOW                                                                                                                                  White Truffle                                                                                                                                                                  Apricot and Sage

  • Original – the simple white sheep milk cheese with a touch of salt
  • Apricot and Sage – the cheese enhanced with  a sweet and savory flavor
  • Honey and Cinnamon – a little honey and cinnamon augment the the sheep milk cheese
  • White Truffle – we add Alba white truffle oil to the cheese.  If you like truffles, you’ll love this one!

We package these cheeses in small portions so you can try several flavors.

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Original, Apricot and Sage, White Truffle, Cinnamon and Honey